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I love to.learn. College.is my.favorite place to.be. I want to.make a difference. I want to.contribute. I want to understand. I have many poems. I have lost too many friends. I wish I understood them better. New friends are silver old friends are gold. I wish I was healthy. I'm not.

Quotes by jahn79*

Have you and a best friend
ever thought a though
at the same moment
even though thousands
of miles apart?

A memory hidden in a dark corner.

A homeless lady crossed my path.
Such fears she had, let down by all.
Memories flooding, many years gone by.
Her dream a home for her and her dog

Can hearts savagely ripped ever heal?

A friend will share our tears.
Understanding brings peace.
Life is to be lived
How do say good-bye?
I am still here.
I miss you.

Listening to an old friend.
Perhaps wishing too much.
Perhaps a touch of day dreams.
Listening to an old friend
Perhaps wishing too much
Perhaps a touch of day dreams.

New friends standing near
We may lose the ones we love
but we are always surrounded
y those who love us.
Our dreams know by the angels.
We are never alone.
How do you say goodbye lost opportunity
How do you say goodbye to ghost
How do you say goodbye to a memory
Perhaps you are free for not knowing