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I love to.learn. College.is my.favorite place to.be. I want to.make a difference. I want to.contribute. I want to understand. I have many poems. I have lost too many friends. I wish I understood them better. New friends are silver old friends are gold. I wish I was healthy. I'm not.

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Ok so what happened to witty?? The top quote only has 4 faves??? The top quotes uses to get thousands of faves!!! Someone please SEND HELP

my almost lover

you are my sunrise
on the darkest day

remembering you comes
in flashbacks and echoes

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everybody wants to know about
they know you walk like youre a god,
they can’t believe i made you weak.
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many tried
but failed to catch me
i am the ghost of ghosts
everywhere and nowhere
i am magic tricks
within magic within magic
none have figured out
i am a world wrapped in worlds
folded in suns and moons
you can try but
you won’t get those hands on me


"I am a rich pie strong with knowledge.
I will not be eaten."

baby we don't stand a chance
it's sad but
it's true

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the orange trees refused to blossom
unless we bloomed first
when we met
they wept tangerines
can’t you tell
the earth has waited its whole life for this