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i fell inlove once. ill never forget it. he was amazing, but he turned out to be an asshole, i miss him even though i shouldnt </3 i wish it never ended. but thats okay. ill get over it. 
Taylor swift. well shes amazing, i know everyone of her songs by heart, and they all describe my life. ligget, when she has a bad break up i always do too. well thats it <3 get to know me ( ;

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heey, whats up? my names jamie. im 15 i blow out the candles on the 31st of august. and i am one who completely believes in love, but has her doubts. im inlove with the feeling of being wanted.

Quotes by jamie1995xx

you make me want to die inside, 
but i still don't want to loose you.

all mine.

Your eyes are blue like the ocean
And baby I'm lost out at

i wish i knew what i was doing on this world,
but i unfortunately don't.
i cant tell you why im here,
what im supposed to do here,
or what i was sent to do,
but what i do know
is im meant to be with


all mine no jocking.

im tired of this:
being used.
being lied to.
being called names
being yours
you being hers
& finally
being ignored
so this is for you buddy
its my turn to say it


all mine no jocking

he let me fall
& only he knew
he wouldn't catch me


 you were worth the fight
b u t i c o u l d n ' t f i g h t f o r e v e r

its another night
another dream wasted on you

mayday parade
one day, your going to wake up and realize
how much you love her.
and when you do, 
she will be waking up next to the guy that already knew that

 you were worth the fight, 
b u t i c o u l d n ' t f i g h t f o r e v e r ♥
&+maybe part of loving is learning to let go