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As you all see my name is Jamie but I'm actually called Sam tbh I would prefer if you called me Jamie yeh I'm 17 in a single  I don't go to school been excpeld well done me but change the subject I live in Liverpool In da uk I'm not gay that was a joke because this girl was trying to hit on me how cringe yeh lol I love all my mates I hate people talking about me mates and starring on them as you see I do smoke and I do drink alcohol sometimes I'm easy going I love to flirt with girls a lot lol tbh I Cba with people saying me what to do unless ur awesome XD I love R&B music and you better respect me cus im cool n rember ur beautiful ^_^

   im bi so idc if u hate me fot it well why u on my pro byee now i aint fake mkay im sick of life sick of people 


Hello Jamie, You are an awesome guy and an amazing friend to me. You always know just what to say to make me smile like an idiot, and we always have fun conversations. You are one of the closest people to me on Witty, and for that, I thank you. Stay awesome buddy♥ Love ya

omfg me and jamie have been proper mates for around a year whicht is unbelivable omfg we even dated a few times ;) holy ,that was so long a go swear to he's one of the most decent people out there :')  we've been through so much togther and he always stuck by me ! ;') he's funny & knows how to have laugh c:  he's so nice and sweet and handsome,aw cx you better click that follow buttonand start reading his quotes, YGM ? He's such a fgt ;) love him tho ,Jamie stay perfect okay and good luck with you'r love life and everything ,and you better stay friends with me for a long time ::  P.s you better make an ask.fm and we better talk more ! miss you :c love you (funkyhotgirlxx e.k.e rhi)

Well hello Jamie :P your gonna read it cos its your  profile and your like , ohh ma dayz what did that person put on my profile ?!?!? o.o anyway . yes im a person but my name is JoJo ! so im here to write about the famous Jamie :P Sooooo .... hmmm where to start .. Jamie is : awesome , a person , sweet , crazy , amazing and nice , not forgetting sweet :'3 As it says Jamie is from Liverpool . Omfg Jamie may i have your accent ?? woah , thats pervvy :P yeah so peeps follow Jamie by clickimg the follow button and then like his nice awesome quotes , which you will love ! dont deny me !  Yeah this me Jolovesu or the name i wish i chose *IBeAPerson* . remember  BE nice to Jamie !!! kk byee xx

Quotes by Jamie Lee*

Kayleigh is the coolest human being alive
and the amount of swag she has is through the roof

Im a lover not a fighter
this year there something u all gonna hate bout me im bi idc if ur against me sure u would think im fuckeed up n yer if u hate who i am well u can fuckk yourself k no hate comments thank you
hahaah so much fuss waking up siblings in the morning and them all girls jesus so much effort -.-
one direction
somepeople theses days seriously
night gorgeous people sweet dreams
new year resalution to stay with same girl for a whole year welll tbh forever really