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in my opinion, i'm pretty simple. i'm not gonna sit here and tell you my whole life and say that i'm like other girls because honestly, i dont know what it means to be a "typical teenager" i'm different and odd. i'm obnoxious and loud. i don't smoke, or do drugs, i'm clean :)  i hate liars, i hate creeps, i hate flat out rude people, i hate 2faced people, even though i know deep down we're all a little 2faced. i hate losing friends, i hate fighting. i love running, i love lil wayne, i love my friends, i love my sister, i love sitting on my driveway at night with kara weaver and talking about anything, i love dancing, i love my dog, RIP betsy<3, i love laughing & hate when people think they can walk all over me, because they can't.
11.4.10. <3

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you have so many problems, maybe you should get your life straightened out instead of always trying to ruin mine. you see me smiling, you have to go and make sure i cry myself to sleep. you see me laughing, you have to make sure you call me out on anything you can. even when nothing i did is wrong, you always find a way to put the blame on me. I can't be perfect, you can't be perfect so let me live my life and butt out because i'm starting to not want you in it at all. you hurt me way too much for me to ever be able to look at you and truly be happy. </3
I can't handle the disappointment anymore, you're causing so much unneccessary stress on me. I don't want to deal with it and I shouldn't have to. You know how much this means to me, thats the only reason you want to sabotage it. You hate to see me happy, you know you have control over everything I do. You know you can decide for me. I want this so much more than anything, & you know it. You're the reason I cry everytime I do. & I hope one day you push me too far and I tell you everything I've been hiding the past ten years. You just wait..



i never really asked for much; once or twice i may have asked for your love & respect, but you never gave me that. you'd talk to me when i was upset, sure. but how many times have you said you'd always be there for me? none that i can count. so i guess i can't be upset that your not a part of my life anymore. i guess you've given up, you've had enough; but i want more. we haven't talked in the longest time; i don't really want to see you ever again. i don't know where we left off, we had such a confusing relationship and it's finally done. i don't need you, i'm fine without you. yeah there are those rainy days where all i want to do is sit in my bed and talk to you, but i can't. i've had enough and i need to move on. i'll always love you but i have to pretend your pretty much dead, your out of my life. hopefully one day you'll be in my life again.


There is no such thing as a perfect soul mate. If you meet someone & you think they're perfect, you better run like hell. Because your perfect soul mate is the person that cares too much, annoys you on a regular basis, makes you face your problems & even when you try your hardest to make them go away, they're still right there. & yeah you probably hate it, but thats real love.

can't you see baby? that pretty face doesn't want you; she's using you.
she doesn't care about how your doing,
she's leading you on like you actually have a chance
ironic, isn't it?
i could of sworn you did the same
damn thing
to me.

i don't need you in my life,
i am happy without you.
you caused nothing but stress and i'm glad you walked away. i didn't have the strength at the time to do what you did.
i'm glad you walked out of my life. i'm glad you hurt me and made me realize you were just a stressor.

i'm glad i realized this. i'm glad you caused constant fighting, because now i'm a stronger person. i'm done trying to get you back in my life. i'm better off this way. i haven't talked to you in at least two months. thank god :] so today i am a freee woman and that feels great(: i'm ready to be happy. i'm tired of being depressed over you, it wasn't meant to be and i am done! 

GOOD BYE (: forever..

if   they   don’t   chase   you   when   you   walk   away
boy; two can play at this game,
you ignored me; i can ignore you.
you act like you didn't care; i can too.
you didn't answer my texts; i won't answer yours.
try me. i dare you.

i want you to be happy;
& if that means i have to handle you with her,

i'll handle it.
i want you to be happy and i don't wanna be the reason your not. if you being happy means i die, consider me gone. i'd do anything to see you happy <3 

how could you do this to someone your supposed to love? you're supposed to care about me and understand me. you're supposed to be the one i can go to when i need help or when growing up just sucks. you're supposed to be my best friend. & yet you do all this to me? and you're ok with it? if i were you i wouldn't be able to sleep. thanks for all the extra tears i never needed and god damn straight didn't want. you're making me a stronger person. but when i get around to it, i'll never be like you. i'll be the complete opposite. i'm not sure why god had this in store for me but it's something i unfortunately go through. no matter what i do. or how hard i try. it's always my fault. well i hope one day god gets you back. because i have to go through all the crap you decide you wanna put me through. whenever i hear the sound of your voice i get scared. you're lucky i don't hit back, because we all know i'm stronger than you. but one day.. if you you push me far enough.. just remember one thing, i've dealt with it long enough. and this time, i'm done. i can't get you out of my life unfortunately, but i can be done with you.how would it make you feel? well.. it's starting now. i'm done. i'll love you forever and i wish we could be different but we can't. it's in my mind forever. it's in the back of my head. and it will stay with me my whole life.