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Quotes by Jane Bond*

Don't categrorize yourself


The things you do,the thoughts you have,the way you see th world,and even the way you look,can change

Life is unpredictable.

Stop taking yourself so damn seriously..

Steve's face is probably the best kept secret on the internet.

why i don't have many friends:
Friend: Harry potter isnt real.
me: so you're saying all this has been happening inside my head?
Friend: ofcourse its all happening inside your head!--
me:why on earth should that mean its not real?
Friend: *facepalms*
I don’t understand how my room gets so messy when I literally sit in one spot with my laptop all day.
"I used to be self conscious about my heing, but then i thought f.uck that i'm harry potter."
 -Daniel Radcliffe

That girl you just called fat?who cares about her backstory,you just shouldn't be a dick to people like,do we really need a trafic story to stop being mean to each other?wtf

my internet was down for 5 months,so i decided to spend time with my family.
They seem like nice people.

You matter.

You do.
You have no idea how important you are .

You may think that you are useless here, but you make so many changes in the word.

Your words could affect someone. 

Tell someone that you love them and watch their face changing. 

Their whole body would change and react to your words.

You can become someone's addiction.

They would literally need to see you or talk to you every single day.

You become a part of them.

You may own the parts that a person needs in their life.

Like a puzzle.

Everything you do change people.

Every little thing you do is important. 

Good or bad, it affects people.




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i cried on my eleventh birthday because i didn't get a hogwarts letter.