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Quotes by jaxphillips

im sorry I got attached to quick..
did you know..

"Oliver Sykes" spelt backwards is "Sekys revilo"

which means "Perfection" in a language 

I just made up.
you can't hate me cause i already hate me haaha sucker thats right, i got here first!

notice how i didnt say goodbye

its because i hate you
I’m blonde; I must be stupid.
I’m brunette; I must be boring.
I have red hair; I must have a fiery temper. 
I have black hair, I must be eccentric.
I dye my hair; I must be trying to be someone.
I wear make-up; I must be fake.
I wear skirts; I must be a slag.
I like football; I must be a lesbian.
I’m rich; I must be spoilt.
I’m poor; Imust be a tramp.
I wear black; I must be a goth.
I wear hoodies; Imustbe causing trouble.
I’m skinny; I muststarve myself.
I’m curvy; I must constantly eat.
I’m smart; I must be a nerd.
I’m independent; I must be a loner.
I cry; I must be a baby.
I’m not like you; I must be weird.
I’m like you; I must be copying.
I’m religious; I must make you be the same.
I’m young; I must be naïve.
I’m old; I must be unable to look after myself.
I’m a teenager; I must always be up to no good.
I’m a straight-A student; I must have no social life.
I have no job; I must be lazy.
I have a good job; I must be a snob.
I’m foreign; I must be pocketing your tax.
I am human; I must be stereotyped.
I put the i in "single" 
Me picking my kids up from school in 25 years:

me: yo shawty, leggoo

kid: dad, please not this again

me: stop being a hater. yolo

kid: you're embarrassing me

me: swag

Domino`s Pizza: Now made with real cheese! Me: What the hell did you use before?
I wonder if the girls on "16 and Pregnant" will come back and be on "32 and a Grandma" …
Dont send me a ;)

face and then

wonder why I

show up at your

house naked..