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my name is jay. I used this site when I was a freshman in high school, now I'm halfway through my senior year. Damn... Have I changed.

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I havent been on this site since i was a fresman.... Now im a senior... Damn i grew up
This is for the kids that should be doing their homework right now.

The word swag is soo stupid. Swag is just a way for a man, to call another man sexy, and not feel gay about it.
im so dope im illigal in 27 states

Am I the only survivor?

Dear Santa,
This Christmas there is only one thing I truly desire. I want you to bring the man who murdered all of those children back to life. 
So I can tear his fu/cking heart out myself.
Thank you.


Y'all´╗┐ Mad Cause Marshall's Better

have to rep my white boys

 Sometimes you have to give up on people, not because you don't care but because they don't