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I'm in love with someone I may never be with, & even if my heart is broken I'll love him with all the pieces  
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Quotes by jaymemee

&& In case you were wondering
you're like a hurricane to me
 violence is beautiful
 center is sweet

&& In case you were wondering
you're everything to me
~  ~

I'crmyself river, 
But  I'm too afraid you'll find a boat. Please don't leave, 


Don'you knoyoure monly hope?
I can't let another love go </3


don't you just hate it.
you feel lost & confused;


when you find out...
someone was just pretending to be your friend.

sometimes I look back on what u s e d to be us. I can't help but wish
wish for that feeling I had, when I was with you, a r o u n d you, next to you

I look down at minec o v e r e d  in our past, lost to the future, I can't stop
it's who I am now. you m a d e me into this. You tore me apart. you  could  have  stopped  it. You ruined me.

.: b   u   t    n   o   w    i   '   m    j   u   s   t    a :.
you're just a

M . O . N . S . T . E . R

*****please help me. I'm sad and heartbroken.*****

so, from pre-k through 4th grade this girl was my best friend...
we drifted in 5th in different classes,
in 6th we were barely talking

because she was friends with these new people,
so those new people were nice to me,
but my 1st best friend acted akward and distant
so i made friends with another group.

these guys were my life support, they were always there
until one of the girl started bossing us around.
and we all drifted apart, sick of her.

--so during this time i was friends on & off with this guy.
he's always in drama but acts innocent so nobody knows hes evil
but lets not get ahead of the story.-----------

so i was crying because my friends and I drifted,
so this girl asked if I could sit with her.

that, for some reason angered this guy,
so he acted like a great friend,
then right when I thought
I was fitting in with his group of friends
he sent me nasty texts,

the girls at the table got mad at him,
but he tricked them into thinking I sent them to him.
then he turned most of the school against me,

accept for a few people that are nice
but they already have a group I can't just invite myself into it.

and so there was this one girl on the side, who I met in 6th grade,
she was there forever, pretty much my best friend.
but she was popular, so I wasn't her best friend,
but I dealt with it, because I'd never want to lose her.

but when she found out this guy was starting drama with me,
she told me and that guy she couldn't be friends
with either of us.

now, she barely talks to me, but does talk sometimes...
and I'm left with no true best friends,
I act happy but I'm not.

Did I mention the guy I like pays no attention to me?

I'm invisable!

I can't switch schools until high school,
and I'm only in the beginning of 7th grade.
I don't know what to do

but I know I can't go on like this.
I'd want to kill myself.
So, someone help me please.

What should I do?  

&& I thought you wished for
us to be best friends forever.
What happened to that ?

every time I see you,
I fight back tears
because I don't want anyone to know
how much you meant to me.
No matter how much I try not to,
I still cry myself to sleep at night, 
hoping you know,

- how much I trusted you,
- how much I miss you,
- how much you meant to me,
- how you were there when the world wasn't,
- how you promised you'd be there forever
- how you made me happy when nobody else could,
- and you understood how I felt,
- you always knew how to make me laugh,
- to help me when I didn't know
- to keep my secrets,
- to include me when I was left out
- to just see my face and know something's wrong
- and listen when I needed someone

but I won't know if you'll miss me too
and the worst part about letting you go,
is pretending I don't care about you.
even though this won't change a thing...
I just needed you to know.
you'll always be in my heart
as a great friend

I hate that the only person I ever trusted,
decided to b r e a k my heart like glass.
because I thought you'd be that person,
that would stand by my side through anything.
Whether its one of my best days,
or my worst.
I thought you'd be there forever,
the one person I could always count on,
and you could always count on me.
but you turned out just like the others.
so why do I still find myself.
loving you?

            but darling...



»you are the only 



I want you to be the boy who hold my books.
I want you to be the boy to give me hugs when I'm having a bad day.
I want you to be the boy to tell me I'm beautifulwhile wearing no makeup, sweats & a sweatshirt.
I want youto be the 
boy who will watc h the starswith me .
I want you to be the 
boy who walks to class with me, hand in hand.
I want you to be that boy