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Hey i'm Jaymi and i'm obsessed with one direction! I met them 2 weeks ago and i'm so excited. Im 13 years old and i'm from jersey. I have so many friends and i love them all AND juliana because she did this for me. Im super out going and i love to talk to comment and chat me xoxo♥


Quotes by jaymigirl12

i miss you more and more


Harry   Styles...
put your ERECTion

in my DIRECTion

Who else was


when you tried to log on to witty, and an ugly green face came up instead
just waiting for you to realize you made the wrong choice.

Im trying really hard right now to believe that

everything happens for a reason.

Dear who ever is reading this,

your beautiful and theres someone crazy for you out there.. so smile, lifes too short to be unhappy 



no ones is going to look at this quote because its plain, simple, boring, and im not witty famous. i just need to express my feelings right now.

i've loved two boys in the past two months, the first boy asked out one of my best friends.
and the other just doesnt look at me anymore.

i dont understand what i could have done wrong.
i always wanted a crabby-patty

until i realized it was just a cheeseburger

i found someone who understands me, 
who knows me, who wants to be with me
most of all loves me. 

Admit it...
you tried to keep a diary but it just didn't work