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I am a little crazy, a little weird, and a little abnormal.
Its just what makes me me. I love a boy that hurt me more
than I ever thought possible. I never knew I could hurt more
than this. It's not easy at all being me knowing that hes had
a girlfriend for a long time and I am moving and might never
again see him again. I hate people. <3

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Roses are red, violets are blue I have 5
fingers and the middle ones for you (;

If you'll be my stars, I'll be your sky
  <       >
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Me and you used to be perfect what happened?

I wish you were mine again.

Hey douche bag, I love you.

Alright well I am still not over my ex, and its been a while, I try to talk to him but hes still obsessing over his girlfriend. She hates me and I hate her back, I just sent this text to my ex; Alright I don't understand why I even try talking to you. I am so stupid. Do me a favor and tell me you never want to be with me or something like we aren't going to happen so I can get over you. I love that you are happy and I don't want to affect that at all so just kick me out of your life please. and his reply was "ight" ..... Help please witty girls I don't know what to do sorry this isn't pretty.
I don't want to  be a broken hearted girl.

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