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Heyy Guys I'm Ali! Justin Bieber is my LiFe!! I'm 13 and I am a dancer. If you ever need to talk i'm here

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Real Lyrics: all the other kids with the the pumped up kicks you better run, better run, faster then my bullet

My moms lyrics: all the other kids, run, jump, kick faster than my brother


format ThatsSoMeee ♥♥
or act like a b**ch
thats cool too

Whatever I do,
It's never enough


Get the story straight 
before you go and tell everyone


Passion Fruit Spray?

fav if you just thought of Elf<3

No matter what

I say I'm

Not over you


Heyy guys Check out my story I'll follow you:)


I Just Want to be in Your Arms

Chapter Eight


Jordan’s P.O.V


Stella was sitting next to me on the couch looking as gorgeous as ever. She was snuggled up against my chest, I loved when she did that. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. She looked up at me and smiled. The past three weeks have been the best three weeks of my life. She made every day perfect. But I had to tell her soon, she has a right to know. I just don’t know if she would be able to take it. I just wish I could stay like this, with her in my arms forever. I realized that she was staring at me, “what?” I laughed 

“ohh nothing”

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?”

She smiled and straddled her legs around my waist and started to kiss me. “Stella, Wait I have to tell you something” I said pulling away from her soft lips

“yeah, you know you can tell me anything”

“Before I tell you I just need you to promise me that things will never change and that you will always love me, Stella I’m in love with you” her eyes lit up “I’m absolutely crazy about you, you are all I think about, day and night and this is why it’s taking me so long to tell you. You are my everything and I would be lost without you. These 3 weeks have been the best of my life, Just promise me You”ll be here ”

“ I love you too and of coarse I promise but tell me your scaring me”






*heyy guys thanks so much for reading and sorry about the cliff hanger faves/comments?

Come home to me,
back into my arms
home where you belong<3


You are my 

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