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Heyy Guys I'm Ali! Justin Bieber is my LiFe!! I'm 13 and I am a dancer. If you ever need to talk i'm here

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All my Life I have dreamed of love
Never thought it would hurt
this much♥


Miles Finch: call me elf one more time

Buddy:He's an angry elf



Roses are red
violets are red
oh sh**t, 
my gardens on fire


I Just Want to be in Your Arms

Chapter Seven


Jordan’s P.O.V


Stella was that girl that I always dreamed would be mine. Tonight was perfect. I looked down at her, she had her head resting on my chest. “Hey look a shooting star” she said pointing to it “make a wish.”

“I got everything I could ever wish for right here” I said and she smiled. I wanted things to be like this forever, I wanted to be with her forever. I had to tell her, but as soon as I do everything won’t be the same. I have to tell her, I hate keeping things from her. But not tonight, I can’t tell her tonight. I looked down again and she was fast asleep on my chest. I picked her up and placed her gently in the car. 

When we arrived at her house I shook her gently. “Where are we?” she moaned.

“Were at your house, you fell asleep” 

“ohh, thanks so much for everything. Tonight was perfect.”

She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.



I had to tell her. 

sorry it's really short promise the next one will be better!

and the  tears come

steaming down

your  face

when you loose  something

you can't replace

when you love somebody and

it goes to waste


And when you hold my hand
and I understand
that it's ment to be<3

I have died every day waiting

for you

Darling don't be afraid

i have loved you for a

thousand years 

I'll love you for a thousand



 "No measure of time with you will be long enough
but W'ell start with forever 

-Edward Cullen
Breaking Dawn 

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I Just Want to be in Your Arms

Chapter Seven



“C’mon I have one more surprise for you” I giggled and he grabbed my hand and pulled me outside and around to the back of the restaurant.  A bowl of strawberries dipped in chocolate sat in the middle of a blanket sitting underneath the stars. “you are unbelievable” I said and smiled.

“I know,” he said smirking.

He turned towards me, “Stella”


“I know I haven’t known you that long but when I’m with you, everything just feels so right, I love you Stella”

“I love you too” I chocked out

He rubbed his hand across my cheek and kissed me, it was the most powerful kiss I have ever had. We both were laying side by side on the blanket with our fingers intertwined. The next thing I knew a chocolate covered strawberry was floating above. I sat up and attempted to bite it and he pulled it away. He thought it was the funniest thing and was cracking himself up. “oh, you think that was funny”

“Yes, Yes I did” he said trying to get out because he was still laughing. I jumped on top of him and shoved 3 strawberries into his mouth. “You shouldn’t have done that” he said with a mouthful of strawberries, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Then he pinned me down and started to tickle me, my weakness. “please stooop” I tried to say as he was tickling the life out of me.

“say you’re sorry to the king”

“I am sorry king” but he still didn’t stop so I leaned in and kissed him.

“Looks like you’ve found my weakness” I smirked trying to catch my breath.

“and looks like you’ve found mine” he said staring into my eyes.


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