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Heyy Guys I'm Ali! Justin Bieber is my LiFe!! I'm 13 and I am a dancer. If you ever need to talk i'm here

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I have to sleep
with a blanket, no matter how hot it is.


Me: I'm going to die alone with 80 cats.
My Brother: Aren't you allergic to cats?
My Mom: Damn, you really are gonna die alone.

Thank God for supportive family members.
I want to punch you in the mouth
with my lips.


"Thiplacabouto blowww!!"
                                                                       "Grandma, please."                          "Not at the airport."

They all say i'm smart.
lol, no.
google is smart.

 I want to . . .                                       # 3

 buy cheap rings and pretend      

 we're married.


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You hate Justin Bieber? Why?
Because he makes people smile?
Because he followed his dreams?
Because he worked hard from a young age?
Because he is good looking?
Because he has talent?
Because millions adore him?
Because he donated $3,000,000 to Haiti?
Because he donated $7,000,000 to Japan?
Because he donated $100,000 to a school of poor, homeless kids?
Because he helped boost organ donor registrations?
Because the profits from his #1 fragrance went to charities?
Because half of the profits from his christmas album went to charity?
Because he made a 6 year old with brain cancer's dream come true?
Because of the believe charity drive?
Because he's involved with over 20 charities?
Or do you just hate him becausse you want to be "cool"?
You don't have to be a BELIEBER but at least respect the face that Justin is a good person and helps so many out there.

nmq just thought it was amazing & true

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