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Quotes by jellybelly001

Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it.”Albus Dumbledore

Goodbye November,
      ------> Hello December

Let's set a witty record.
Let's see how many favs comments this boring quote can get.<3

Things we girls hate ;
When your friend looks great in a picture and you look like aihoijdsfvs, but they still put it online. 

I like how; 
Almost all of the top quotes are using this format... 

That moment 
When a guy stretches so far , you can see his abbs and boxers.

on what page do you have the same boyfriend?

I like it when you smile,

but i love when i'm the reason.

see that girl with

smile on her face? she's the best actress you've ever seen.




Best part of Halloween?

[The Halloween town movies.]