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call me janelle. im fifteen and a half. i live in a small shit town in Ohio. right beside PA. i hate it here. i can get my licsense in four months. :D i dnt have many friends, i deal with depression, alot. since my first depressive episode, ive lost some friends. [they think they're better that they can be happy. little do they know, KARMAS A BITCH! ;D] hahaa. my best friend, just had a baby this morning. yay. i cant wait to see him. :DD jayden miles. (: so precious. i love my sister & her boyfriendd. there always there for me. and my momma. i can't wait to be 16. FREEDOM.! ;) and 18.. and 21.. haha. i want a long distance best friend from farr*farr awayy. so someone hmu. ;D

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smarterthanthou 1 decade ago
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Haha, my birthday's on Oct. 10 too :)