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I'm 14.. I live in Maine.. I love to shop.. and flirt with guyz.. i love to dance with guys too!!! my life is basically around guys.. anywho im 5'5 brown hair and eyes.. if you want a pic just ask!!

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I have the hottest best friend in the whole wide world. when im down hes always there for me. When I need to talk to. Hes there for me. Hes the one I can count on to cheer me up. He is seriously my best friend! I would die without him!!

Dedicated-- To Justin! Thanks for everything!! love ya like a brother!
Okay.. Im not a cheerleader but my 2 best friends are and Cheerleading is a sport! and they work their butts off!! I went to a cheering practice and they work work work!!! so people need to shut their mouths because cheering isnt just standing on the sidelines yelling "Go team go" They have to lift people up.. run ALOT.. and do alot of crunches and push ups and pull ups! It seriously bugs me when people say it isnt a sport, yall are probably just mad because you tried out and didnt make the team! so shut your F*$&ING MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CHEERING IS THE BEST!! even tho I dont cheer I play field hockey...
Aliens have taken me to meet Big Foot!!!!! be back.. umm.. whenever Big Foot says I can leave..
If you change your ways, you can honk and wave at the boys in blue when you see them!!! -- Dr. Phil

Boys in blue are cops!!
One day, a guy left his friend to take care of his house while he was on vacation. A few days after he leaves, the guy calls and asks for his cat. " Well, he's kinda dead." The guy says,"you should have told me more gently! You should have said he was on the roof, then that you couldn't get him down, and then taht he accidently fell and passed away." so they end the conversation, and a few days later the guy calls again. "How's my mom?" he asks. "Well, she's on the roof..."
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