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Quotes by jess96

A C C E P T   Y O U R S E L F.
You're not a model you don't have to be stick thin or look good every day. It doesn't matter, just live.
You don't have a 4.0 because being brainy isn't your thing. It's okay, you'll find what you're good at.
You're shy, you're not the best speaker, you're not social, you're not pretty, you're not funny... 
Who told you that? Someone who doesn't matter and doesn't know what they're saying?
YOU decide what you are. You decide what you'll be and what you want to do with life. 
You are beautiful and imperfect and a wonderful person.
You are whatever you choose to be. Live, laugh, and love on.

"You know that romantic notion...

that all the garbage and the pain

is actually really healing and beautiful

and sort of poetic?

It's not.

Its just garbage. And it's pain.

You know what's better?

The day you start thinking that

love is overrated, 

is the day that you are wrong.

The only thing wrong with

love and faith and belief,

is not having it."

I had no idea where my head was at
but if my heart says I'm sorry, can we leave it at that?



Stop right there. 
That's exactly where I lost it.
See that line?

Well I never should have crossed it.


BravoSierra's format (=

And underneath that smile that has me sold,
is your hundred million dollar soul. 

  I get it, I get it, 

this is how hurt feels,

         And it's everything they say it is.   


You are my Manhattan from the sky.

You look so neat and tidy when I'm way up high,

But I know your streets are lined with a fine mess inside;
I wanna--come down and walk around your mind.

You realize you care what someone thinks
When their opinion of you isn't good anymore.


Taylor Swift :


"I'm intimidated by the fear of being average."





And I know that you're a sucker

f o r   a n y t h i n g   a c o u s t i c..      

but when I say let's keep in touch

          I really mean

I wish you'd grow up.

This is the first song for your mix tape.