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my friend had to delete his kik . he moved away from me so it was the only way we could talk . ive had a crush on this boy forever. today was the day i told him how i felt.

me: Josh? did you delete yet? 
me: i love you Josh .

oops, its looks like Joshua's phone has been turned off . we will send your message as soon as possible.

He'll never know..
no, no its ok.
no i really, i get it theyre more important
its fine, they need attention
but I do to.
Oh you want me to live my dreams?
Why dont i get a record deal?
Well i cant walk to Hollywood.
preforming arts school? 
that wont get me anywhere. 
yea, just worry about me
its ok
"just believe?" "dreams will get me there?" 
well i need some support too .
even a little..
oh.. you dont care..?
thanks mom.
I love you to.

this isnt hollywood this is a small town

            I'm not a princess, this aint a
im tired of being ignored, forgotten, alone. my oldest brother is going to be an accountent, hes in school, learning all about it. my other older brother wants to be a doctor, my moms teaching him about that. I want to be a famous singer, what am i doing? singing infront of my mirror with a microphone wondering why my brothers get to presue their dreams, and i cant. 
what everyone knows about me: im a size zero and im not anerexic. im really confident, i can sing, i saved my best friends life, i can take a joke, im funny, i can dance like the girls on dancemoms, insalts dont hurt me. 

what they dont know: im bullied. i often feel worthless, i guess i can act cause no one sees the pain in my smile, im constantly told that i have no future, i saved my best friends life by ruining mine(i took the bullying away from her, but it made its way over to me.), and most important, im told to change. im told by one of my best friends that my dance is a waste of time and i should just quit. and that its ok cause its not like im any good at it. but dance is my life, i cant quit.

                             i cant change.
i have discovered a way to drown while still in a boat. so yesterday i went to a big picnic for my dads compony. they had kyacking. on one side of the lake was a huge foutian. i decided to kyack underneath the foutain. another gilr about my age had the same idea. we were right next to each other, it was like our boats were attached. we were under the fountain, but we couldnt get out. we had to paddle to one side for our kyacks to turn and get out from under the fountain, that side was were our boats were attached. i couldnt see, the water was in my eyes, i could hardley breathe, the water was in my mouth and nose, the life gaurds had to come and pull us out. so not only did i nearly drown while still in my kyack, but in the prosess of pulling me out, the life gaurd accidently tipped my kyack over. that "fun family picnic", was not the least bit fun for me at that pointe.
as a kid: its 7:30 on a sunday, why arnt any store open!?!?
as an adult: its 7:30 on a sunday, why are we still open!?!?
*my quote
so yesterday, i went to my cousins graduation party. my cousin danny graduated high school, and my cousin christine graduated collage. there were jello shots there. i didnt know it had acahol in it. right before i ate it, one of the older kids there ran up to me and grabbed it. i asked him why he did that and he screamed "theres acohal in it! you wouldve been drunk! and your like 8!" (im really 12...) then later, they brought out watermelon, i went over, got one, and again right before i bit in i heard "dear God are you trying to get drunk?!?!?" it was the same person, there was acohal on the watermelon. these people are insane.

i posted a picture on instagram. one of those "pick a number and ill answer that number question" my friend asked me "whats your biggest worry" my answer was "being good enough" minutes later i got aa text from her saying "youre perfect."


oh look, a puppy!


not mine


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