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*i dug a huge hole on the beach with my friend*

randmon guy: *walks over to the hole and sits in it like its his*

me: aye! out my hole!

random guy: im 19, you cant tell me what to do!

me: get at me!

random guy: ill drop kick you in the face!

me: boy, you just said youre 19! drop kick a 12 yearold and see where you end up!

random guy: *growls and walks away*

me: *looks at friend* and thats how its done.

*true story*

yesturday at the beach i saw two gay men holding hands. someone laughed at them and the on said "make fun all you want, were happy."

these people give me hope.


even the man in the moon                      disapears                                          <3            

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today a random stranger came up to me and said "hey, i just wanted to take the time to tell you youre beautiful."
that honestly made my day<3
you know youre a dancer when..
you always spell "point" with an e on the end.<3
5faves for a seiries!
*theres this little boy at my camp, jack, he has a crush on me but i never thought anything of it, because hes only 7. this was our conversation today...*
me: hi jack
jack: hi jessica, are you going to life be in it day? ( the big party we have at the end of camp)
me: no i cant, im going down the shore, are you?
jack: no, todays my last day, but ill see you next year
me: i wont be back next year, ill be too old
jack: what! so this is the last time ill ever see you again?!
me: ill come back and visit you next year!
jack: *hugs me* promise?
me: of corse
jack: ill miss you jessica
me: ill miss you too jack
he is honeslty the cuttest little boy ive ever met.<3
ill miss you jack, love you buddy.
teacher: what do you want to be when you grow up?
me: a singer
teacher: but youre a great writter! you should be a writter!
me: but i dont want to be a writter
teacher: youll be better as writter then a singer!
me: but ill be happier as a singer then a writter.
me: *types my name*
computer: *tells me my names spelled wrong*
me: thank you computer but i think i know how to spell my name!
me: .... oh crap i did spell it wrong..
forrest gump: my mamma always told me lifes like a box of chocolates, you never know what your get.
me: actually, forrest, there is a chart, so you do know what youre getting. your mother is a liar.
i wish sucidial victoms could come back and see how many people miss them.
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