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Quotes by jessibrina


I'm a bra.

I touch your girlfriend's boobs every day...


Jealous yet?  

Have you ever had the feeling of when you touch that guy , you get chills and you start to shiver? your about to fall? that is love darling and its a weird feeling but when you fall, that guy will catch you. that's why you tremble at his feet. but that is called love <3 in many ways (:

And when that song comes on,
he calls me up and sings it to me just to show how much I love that song,

he will always love me more <3

Even though he
broke up with me...

He's still my wallpaper </3

The knife looks like it's having a better chance,
Then trying to get you back </3

Our last kiss:

We were in his room, the song he dedicated to me, On his birthday.

5 days later....
He dumps me over text while I'm in the middle of school and he's in Miami.
On November 18th, 2010.
I had to hold in the tears.
It's now been almost 2 weeks, everyday I am breaking more and more without him and because of him leaving me... I can't get back up and I am lost. I lost my best friend and my lover in one day </3

I looked at you and you looked at me;
I looked straight into your eyes and you looked straight into mine.

You leaned in; I leaned in too.
We kissed...

I don't know what happened, neither do you.

I can only think of the past and memories we have, and I cry...