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Quotes by jessica_marie

-meeting you was fate..when i first saw you, i knew we would be friends instantly
-becoming friends w. you was a choice, the best desicion i ever made
-but falling in love with you, i had NO control over. i thought i moved on but i still think i love youu <33
theres a thing called cool
and i've mastered it ;]
its funny how a guy would go out with a girl that you had tried so much more to be at her level and he wouldnt give you a chance. She could put on make-up, put together the best outfits, but he seems to notice her more. You do exactly the same, but nothing happens. Why doesn`t this make sense? Im just as pretty, just as smart. But, there is still something wrong..
see, theres this boy. i started liking to think i liked him. the this other girl had just broke-up with her other boyfriend and now wants the kid i like. They went out like a million times already. He might take her back. Now, I have nothing left for me...
it sucks that we used to be my best friend. Now you pretned that you dont even notice me [&♥;]
why cant i find a boy who will prove that not all boys are the same?
i h a t e myself ` for liking you . . .
but the again, i had no control over it
i need a boy who will love me for me and not who he wants me to be
what happens when you love a boy with all your heart, then someone out of the blue steals his heart?