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Quotes by jessica_marie

were all best friends. but one in perticular stands out. whenever his name is said, i have to cover her mouth and say, "dont even get her started"
i no its over.
but i cant get over you.
ripped jeans,
hair swaying in the breeze,
boys starin,
and we cant help but look back ;]
you broke my heart boy you tore it in two,
you walked out on me now what can i do?
yeah, being with you was great. but now i no what the real you is like. right after a girl says "no" you move on as if that girl meant nothing. you always need somebody by your side. sorry, it isnt me anymore. not this time
Do you like me because i changed? IF you liked me or even loved me, you`d show it. I liked you because of you.. so where did i go wrong?
i see you in the halls walking around with your "new" girlfriend and wondered, what does she have that i dont?
i no i probably dont mean anything to do, but deep down inside, your my world
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