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                   Heey beautiful (: My name is Jessica and i'm 17 years young, I blow the
                      candles out December 18th. I am a junior(:  I love writing quotes and
                songs. I also love photography.(: i've been through a lot in my life, but
              it changes me to make me a better person.  Im just a normal teenage


Take me as i am, or watch me as i go. Everyone makes mistakes, i believe
       in 2nd chances so dont screw the second one up. Hmu & get to know me.
           My formspring is: ask
me anything, don't be shy.(:


Quotes by jessicalyn09876

First kiss just like a drug,

under your influence.
First kiss just like a drug, under your influence.
Music is my getaway
Love is just a fantasy.
The world is reality.
I started writing in a journal... I can speak my mind without a judgement.
Try to say this:
"You know New York, unique New York, you know you need unique New York."
ask me something!
-The number one thing that makes me mess everthing up.
-The thing I hate the most that I do the most.
ask me something!
My boyfriend broke up with me on valentines day,
I am just done with everything.
I cannot stop crying.