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Quotes by jessie1998

You used to be so far away
Now  I  can  almost  touch
I  can  taste  the metal
Feel  the gun in my  mouth


I waited too long, letting people like you tell me what they want & what I shouldn't do. So mark me with words, but you can't tie my hands. There's nothing I'll say to make you understand. I know who I am, I know where I'll end up. In flames & that's fine, cause I'm finally fed up. Stick with what I started, don't care how it hurts, The loudest get shot at the worst.

We have to fight to be strong.
We have to be strong to fight.


What could be more beautiful than



Living in the shadows of the scars,
The past   defines just who we are.

The past is the past,
And  I'm  letting  it  kill  me.

Can    your   heart   still    break,
If it's already stopped beating?

I do what the voices tell me to do,
It's always easier to kill when you're already dead inside.


I tried to drown my own sorrows,
Instead their drowning me.