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hello sweetiie! my name is jessica! and i looooooooooooooovee tha l[ PITTSBURGH STEELERS!!!!]l andd.. B e n R o e t h l i s b e r g e r!

Quotes by jessiiCa_22

xOo* * <33- - -,
the feelings that i have for you
i just can`t eXplain - i swear
you`re [ a L L ] i`ll e.v.e.r neeD
that won`t e.v.e.r c h a n g e
'- - - .. i love you!!!! ;-)

-Lines up in arial (size 8)..
put your boyfriends name in tha
top line between tha stars..
looks rly cute..-
-Just once i wanna be the one your thinking of..the one that takes your `breath` were all the things i thought i knew..but just for once i dont wanna be the one left -standing- / a l o n e \ .. i wanna be the one *safe* in the arms of <3.L.o.v.e.<3

qoood friend `sz wiill be there to take
your driink away from you when they
thiink you had e n o u q h .. but '
-- b e s t _ f r i e n d ` sz will look`
at you s t u m b l i n q all over the
place nd ` say " biitch driink the rest-
of that . . you know that we don ` t |
w a s t e t h a t s h i t =P! ' "

haha, sorriie for tha swearin' =P
long skirts..button down clevage showning gotta have collars, not fun @ cell phones so u cant dying ur teachers that say they care..the lunches early is when I have to get up..have to talk quiet..not allowed to be loud..they say its the best!!..ya thats what they want you to expect...get up @ 6 get home @ 3...School is just not for backpacks always full...away doing homework!...GOD I HATE SCHOOL!!!

I know I must forget you and go on
I can't hold back my tears too long
Though life won't be the same
I've got to take the blame
And find the strenght I need to let you go
<3 If i could pick any moment,
and always keep it knew,
out of all the moments i lived,
id pick all the moments i spent

miqht already be on here..
c/ i think i qot it off here
a while aqo..sorriie =\!
<3__there's people that'll come in and out of your
life, and there's others that youu know from
the start are the ones,` you have a complete
`- >* c o n n e c t i o n ' w i t h *<-__<3

not mine- but use it if you want =)

'do youu ever feel lyke breakin down..
do you ever feel outta place lyke how
you just dont belong and no one under--
stands you.. do you ever wanna run you ever wanna lock yourself
in your room with the radio turned up soo
loud that nobody hears you screamin',
no, youu dont kno whut its lyke to be me'