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Quotes by jessishere32418


I've learned
all my life lessons

From Full House.(:


don't let me get me, i'm my own worse enemy
it's bad when you annoy yourself so irritating
don't  [ wanna ] be my friend no more
i wanna be somebody else

"that's always the hardest thing
when he completly has you fooled so much
that you think that they're just never going to hurt you
and then they do that's when you get
the worst heart break."

- Taylor Swift

♥            ♥           ♥
yo quiero taco bell!
 R.I.P. taco bell dog):
♥            ♥           ♥ 
you make me h a p p y
whether you know it or not
we should be [ happy ]
thats what i said from the start
i am so happy
knowing that you are the one that i want
for the rest of my days

and all I see in you
is another mistake wrapped over my shoulder
now I see who you are
and all I saw in you, was boy just lookin'for love
now all i need is an apology
is that [ too ] much

liar lair - nevershoutnever!

           my friends are a different breed*

                                                     my friends are  [ everything ]

vegas- all time low:D


its funny;;
it's funny how hello is always accompanied with goodbye.
it's funny how good memories can start to make you cry.
it's funny how forever never seems to really last. it's funny how much you'd lose
if you forgot about your past. it's funny how 'friends' can just
leave you when your down. it's funny how when you need someone
they're never around. it's funny how people change
and think they're so much better. it's funny how many lies
can be packed in one 'love letter'. it's funny how one night
can contain so much regret. it's funny how ironic life turns out to be.
but the funniest part of all,
is that none of this is funny to me.

made by haleyx3 i just loved it
roses are red
violets are not
compared to hillary clinton
you're pretty hot

&+ yeah i'm kinda mad...
how these quotes say ' oh i took
off my make up, put on a baggy shirt,
put my hair in a pony tail, and he called
me beautiful'  WELL HELL! i dress like this
everyday and no one calls me

XD haah. its true, and ima loser.(:
its like freaking 1 in the morning and
im making a quote about this!
aahhaha(: see how witty obsessed i am?