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 My younger sister and I
took a quiz online
to see how many states we could
name under 10 minutes.
Then we took another quiz to see
if we could name all 150 Pokemon.
Guess which quiz we passed?


I remember the good ol' days,
when we would talk for hours at a time on IM.
` - - > Now I ' m  just happy if he responds to my


I hate bees, OK?

They're like... Flying Death Monkeys!

-Marco Del Rossi
while in Germany a girl asked me if high school in America was really the same as in all the movies.
I convinced her everyday at school is just like High School Musical.
Now, all of Germany will believe we randomly break out into song and dance.

America you'r welcome.


*Fade by FabulousFades*
"So I Put My Hands Up,
   [they're playing my song]
       and the butterflies fly away"    
   * * *
I mean come on. 
Doesn't it sound like
Miley's trying to tell us
she needs some

my friend and i were discussing it
nooo offense to the song/miley:; just a joke
Today in church,
I saw an abnormally tall, hairy man with an umbrella.
It's 90 degrees and sunny.

Hagrid has come to tell me it's my time to go to Hogwarts.


*Fade by FabulousFades*

Today, I was in the elevator and a man came in who was breathing kind of loudly.
Another man in the elevator started to very quietly hum the Darth Vader theme from Star Wars.
It made my day.
90%  of  people  are
a  c  c  i  d  e  n  t  s  !
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