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heeey! comment//fav. quotes! sorry if they r bad!  ;]

Quotes by jessjml25

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night to hear my roommate typing furiously. She pauses for a second, stares at her computer, then says, "Voldemort, what time is it?" A second later a creepy voice responded "its 2:03." She then said thank you and continued typing. I don't know why my roommate has enslaved Voldemort inside her laptop, but I'm gonna be a lot nicer to her now. 


(just incase u dont speak dino.. it means i love you!)

I'm sorry i broke your heart
&im sorry that i've hurt you so much
But you cant just give up on us
please, dont hurt me by doing this
i love you, and i wish you could see how honest i am being
I made a mistake, i shouldnt have done it
I regret it now
i know that i've hurt you
just give me another chance
i atleast deserve that because you've hurt me too.
why else did i break up with you? becuase you hurt me
maybe not on purpose, but it somehow happened
i need you now, to be there for me.
Lets see where this gos for both of us
as much as we've hurt eachother
we can't just give up...
without knowing what could have been
boy, im falling fast. Im droppin quickly, right in your direction... my biggest fear?    -----> you wont catch me <33

*sorry, lazy with colors
What every kiss means
-Kiss on the stomach; I'm ready.
-Kiss on the Forehead; I hope we're together forever.
-Kiss on the Ear; Your my everything.
-Kiss on the Cheek; We're friends.
-Kiss on the Hand; I adore you.
-Kiss on the Neck; We belong together.
-Kiss on the Shoulder; I want you.
-Kiss on the Lips; I like you.

What the gesture means...

-Holding Hands; We definitely like each other.
-Slap on the Butt; That's mine.
-Holding on tight; I don't want to let go.
-Looking into each other's Eyes; I just plain like you.
-Playing with Hair; Tell me you love me.
-Arms around the Waist; I like you too much to let go.
~Laughing while Kissing; I am completely comfortable with you.


Don't ask for a kiss, take one.
If you were thinking about someone while reading this,
you're definitely in Love.


Post this again after reading!!
Or you will have a bad year of Relationships.


If you LIKE, LOVE, OR MISS someone right now
and can't get them out of your head
then Re-post this within One Minute and Whoever you are
missing will surprise you.
Repost this as "what every kiss means"
when its time to just let go
trust me ... you'll know it
  me and my friends were walking in the hallway... and my crush was standing right behind me, so i was trying to act like i was deep into the conversation with my friends... when i walked into ------> a wall ;]  typical me!   


&and wat hurts the most...
is knowing how close i was, and never knowing how much i really wanted it....

 Its all about Soccer
***gettin down and dirrtyy.! ;]

*sorry, colors suck!