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Quotes by jessloveface

Well I’m so lonely In my life
And I don’t know if can take the fact that you’re gone
I guess I gotta move on but there’s so much pain in my life
And since you left it hasn’t been right pray to god every night
You’ll come in my life.  You got me feeling so weak
when you’re not next to me And I don’t know if my heart can take another tragedy
Come back to me baby cause you got me feeling so lonely
Come rescue my heart I’m dying inside and I don’t know why
I can’t get you off of my mind and its driving me so
crazy lately and its driving me so crazy baby I’m so lonely.

first verse in new sonnng; lemme know what you think[:


Nevergiveup & Alwaysstaystrong;
because someone out there needs you.


Sometimes I just want to give up on the world
& just say my goodbyes.
but then its those other times where i sit back
& realize people have it worse than me & they never gave up.
This world is so confusing and it may never go my way,
but at least i know,


i tried.

Girl : "Hey.. I was wondering if i can have direstions to your heart."
Boy: "Baby you already at your destination<33"

ahahah, this is actually on convo about me & my boyfriend.

.&+I wonder where these dreams go
       when the world gets in your way,
            whats the point in all this screaming?
                  n o o n e s listening anyway..
When your only sixteen &+ hit rock-bottom,
                                               You have n o w h e r e to go but up ^
It’s pretty much like I’m stuck. I live in a house with people I’m forced to call my ‘family’. I sit all alone thinking about where I’m going in life to come to a conclusion that’s the same as every other night on how I’m going  
n o w h e r e.
I don’t know what it’s like to be ‘normal’ but then again, what’s normal? People call me weird but I call myself
u n I q u e
 I live by annoying little quotes explaining exactly how I’m hurting inside but everyone is blinded by the FAKE smile I wear from day to day. I’m the girl that no one gives a chance,
Not even my own father.  I wonder what it’s like to be LOVED & to have people to call your family.
Maybe I just have bad luck, or maybe, just maybe a miracle will happen eventually....