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Dear guy,
            I let your words fool me yet again. I let my guard down, opened up to you, and let you in. I was so wrong for that. Guys played with me for a little while like I was a doll, and then put me down when a better one came around, and you said you would never do that. Guess what? That's exactly what you did. You knew how hurt I was, and for once I thought I found a guy who was different. Boy, was I wrong. I've had plenty of people tell me not to even bother with you, but I did anyway because whenever we talked we couldn't get enough of each other. The way our eyes met in the halls made me feel this was really real. You were everything you said you wouldn't be. I should've known. And then you have the nerve to message me and tell me that you're talking to another girl and how she's leading you on? Well I guess you get what you give out. And THEN you tell me you're sorry, and that I probably don't care anymore. No, it's not that I didn't care, I guess I just cared to much. You came to me when you needed someone to talk to, and I was there for you every time. Why? Because I cared, I really cared. I didn't mind at all, I loved the fact that I could be there for you, I wanted you to feel like you had someone. Even though everyone I talked to told me to just stop talking to you, I didn't. Wanna know why? Behind that tough guy act you put up, I knew that there is a really sweet guy there. How do I know that? I've seen him. Where is he now? 

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And I'm wearing purple in

honor of my Uncle Joe

who has been missing since

November, and the many

others affected by this cruel



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I'm sick and tired of you're attitude
I'm feeling like I don't know you
You tell me that you love me then you cut me down
And I need you like a heartbeat, but I know you got a mean streak
Makes me run for cover when you're around 

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And I have the worst nightmares...
I used to live the typical happy life until my uncle went missing... I had to look in ponds, rivers, ditches, etc and I stopped and left it to the police because I couldn't even imagine finding him that way. I'm in no way trying to gain sympathy, I just hurt inside.. terribly.

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Dear Readers,
I'm super sorry, but I'm way too bummed out to write tonight. I guess I'm gonna just head to bed. I plan on eating ice cream, and crying until my eyes fall out. okbye.

          My definition Of Perfect               
Chapter 25:
"I'm so ready to shop until I can't shop no more!" I yelled in the car to my mom, Austin's mom, and Austin. Everyone else stayed at the cabin, because they weren't up to a shopping trip with us girls. I'm pretty sure Austin wouldn't have gone if I didn't. 
"Austin, I'm suprised that you came with us, shopping isn't usually your thing, especially with us girls." Austin's mom said curiously.
"Well it's better than just sitting back at the cabin, and probably getting bored." He replied quickly in hopes that his mom would buy it, even though she could tell plain as day that he came to be with me.
"Oh, well that's true. Just hope your ready for some hardcore shopping." She giggled.
"Yeah... ready." He said unsure. I looked over at him and shot him a smile letting him know we would have a good time. Once we got out of the car, and finally started walking around I could see him having a good time.
"Tired yet?" I asked him laughing.
"Actually, no, I'm having a lot of fun so far." He warmed up to the feeling. We walked into this store, and saw nerd looking sunglasses in red and turquoise. He picked up the red pair, and I grabbed the other. We looked at eachother and laughed so hard that our mom's came over to us and began laughing along with us. Austin's mom pulled out her phone, we flashed a funny face, and she took a picture of us. 
We both got the matching glasses, and wore them around shopping. It was so cute. As we were walking around, I heard my mom's phone ring.
"Oh no... is he okay?" She asked whoever she was talking to. I began to wonder, and Austin could see the curiousity in my eyes.
"Do you think it's that bad? My mom questioned. "Alright, then I guess we'll come back now, be there in a little." She hung up the phone.
"Is everything okay?" I asked concerned.
"Your brother hurt his leg." She said.
"Is he okay? Let's head back." Austin's mom said quickly.
"I don't think it's anything too major, but he's probably gonna to have to go get x-rays." My mom responded, a bit nervously. 
"Well since I know you guys were really looking forward to shopping, why don't we just go bring him to the hospital, and we can pick you guys up later? You guys will end up staying bored at the cabin anyway." Austin's mom asked us both.
"Well.. you guys will call me as soon as you figure out anything, right?" I asked.
"Of course honey, I'll call or text you." She said reassuringly.
"Okay." I said feeling better. My mom and Austin's mom walked back to the car and left as soon as they could. 
"So.. what now?" Austin asked me.
"Let's go to that t-shirt store." I pointed to a little corner store plastered with t-shirts.
"Alright." He smiled and intertwined his fingers with me, as we walked the streets of a beautiful town surrounded by mountains.

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Dear readers,

Just wanted to tell you all to go read AmberBailey's story! She's an AMAZING writer with an AMAZING story! I might just be co-writing with her sooner or later, so go read! <3 

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Dear readers,

I would like to apologize for not posting in a while. I have been having some crazy stuff going on, so I haven't been able to get on as often as I would have liked to. I rescently got home from a week trip in Tennesee, and while I was there, I was with family I don't get to see often, and then my brother broke his leg while we were there, and has been in the hospital, so it's been crazy. I would love to thank you all for reading, and for your feedback. It means the world to me! <3

Much love,

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Chapter 25:
I woke next to him, already awake, smiling at me. I couldn't help but see the kid coming out of him in his smile.
"Why didn't you wake me up?" I asked running my fingers through his soft, subtle curls.
"I love watching you sleep, you're so beautiful." He replied pulling me closer.
"Awh, thank you." I said feeling myself blushing like crazy.
We both got up after cuddling for a while, and went downstairs for breakfast. Everyone in the room could sense that we really had something going on. Austin's mom couldn't get enough of us. I really couldn't get the fact that just us being together made her that much happier. After getting his food, he sat down next to me, and we both smiled at each other. Austin's brother gave him "The Look." Like the look that best friend's give each other when their with their crush.
"Well what's going on today?" I asked, waiting for an adult to reply.
"Shopping!" Austin's mom and my mom replied excitedly.
"Well alrighty then!" I said happily running upstairs to get ready for a long day of shopping ahead. I decided to wear this really cute outfit, and curl my hair. I put on my favorite pair of Toms, and met Austin downstairs at the door.
"Ready?" Austin's mom asked as she grabbed her purse off the counter.
"Yup!" I replied to her.

          My definition Of Perfect               
Chapter 24:

"We're home!" My little sister screamed, as she bursted open the front door. Austin and I just stayed in the moment for a few more seconds, and then he removed his soft lips from my forehead.

"Hey, where are you guys?" Austin's mom asked as she screamed up the steps looking for us.

"We're up here!" We both yelled back as we broke out of our trance.

"You guys wanna come watch a movie with all of us in the movie room?" My mom asked. We both looked at each other like we'd rather just stay upstairs together.

"Uh, yeah!" I replied looking at Austin for a sign of approval. 

"Lets just go watch a movie or whatever, and then we can come back up here, and talk." I whispered to him, and grabbed his hand.

"Sounds good to me." He smiled, and we went to the movie room. 

"Sit with me?" He asked. I sat next to him, and held his hand tightly. Austin's mom and mine looked at us and smiled.

"Glad to see you two are getting along." Austin's mom said smiling, as we came out of the movie room, and Austin had his arm around me. We both smiled at her, and went upstairs. We stood there for a second not knowing what to do or say.

"Wanna come watch some tv or a movie with me in my room? I'm not really seeing the point in texting from across the hall anymore..." I laughed.

"Okay, and I know right?" He followed me into my room. I have to admit, it's a bit awkward considering that it's two people who like each other laying in the same bed, but whatever. He laid in bed, and I messed with the dvd player. 

Once I was done, I crawled into his arms, and we cuddled. I was really into what was on tv, and once I looked up, he was dead asleep. He is so cute when he's sleeping. The way we both laid there was so cute, he had his arms around me, and I laid my head on his chest. 

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