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I'm 16 going on 17. I'm a pretty cool person but people do have their opinions. I don't care what you think of me and if you have a problem then confront me. I'm a very reliable person and I always try to find the good in people. I just ask that, if you don't know me, then try. I need people to realize that I'm not as weird as most people think I am...Anywhoooo.....I'm obsessed with Black Veil Brides and Skrillex.....sooo yeah that's bout it.
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my grandma put a little piece of her birthday cake in the garbage can and i was like why the heck did you do that and she said “it’s important to leave some for the raccoons because what if it’s a raccoon’s birthday and no one remembers??” 

what i learned from school:

             im a f
×cking piece of sh×t
             everybody else is also a f
×cking piece of sh×t
             mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell


 plot twist: You kill yourself and then you wake up and your whole life has been a nightmare and the real you is everything you ever wanted to be

  What do boys even find attractive about b00bs.?They are literally a ball of fat on a girls chest,like if you can love me for the fat on my chest, why can't you love me for the fat on my stomach you piece of sh/t


So did you favorite my quote because it was funny or do you
wanna date me i need answers


Like a good neighbor,
stay over there

This girl that was writing everyone's grades

wrote 47 for my final grade but the teacher thought it was a 97

And that's the story of how I passed English

You know you've been in a lot of trouble 
when you and the cop know each other
by firsnames 

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