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I suck at these, but hi. My name is Gwen, my face is gross, and I'm 17 years old. I'm a mother of one amazing son named Kassen. I am completely in love with Ryan. My best friend, boyfriend, and my world. He has a Witty, so follow him. He's the cute one. I have a best friend named Alana. She has a Witty also. Follow her. If you want to know anything go ahead and ask  me. I'm nice, and I love helping people with problems. I have a huge obsession with Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens, and Austin Carlile, from Of Mice & Men. I will meet them one day. I like cats, and nutella also. I'm done with this for now. Kay bye. ♥

P.S.- My other Witty is Sleepingwithkellin. Check it out? (:
*Ryan's hacking Gwen; This girl. She's my everything. I know we fight, and have our stupid moments, but you're my bestfriend, girlfriend, and the girl I plan on marrying. I love you so much, and I don't want to lose you. Ever. <3 You're gorgeous, and you're always there when someone needs you. I'm legit the luckiest guy to have you. I love you babe. <3
*Alana is hacking my baby; GWEN. I love you so much. You're beautiful. You have the cutest face. And you're just amazing. I love all of my friends, but you're my bestfriend for so many reasons. You don't judge me when I do something completely stupid and reckless. Babylove, you're so fucking amazing. I wouldn't change you for the world bro. Stay classy. ;)
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Quotes by jesusdropkickskids

How do you find Will Smith in the snow?
                                                               You look for fresh prints. ♥
♥ if you get it. 

even though i'm on my own, i know i'm not alone.

because i know there's someone, somewhere praying that i make it home.


Guy: If you were in my bed right now, what would you be doing? ;)
Me: Is it comfortable? 


Guy: Yeah it is! ;)
Me: Sleep. 


  me: I want to lose weight

                                             food: LOL, no.



I'm kind of like a fireman,
because I turn the hoes on.

i told this girl she drew her eyebrows on to high,

she looked suprised. ;)
Being ridiculously unphotogenic.

        Yesterday I went into my mom's kindergarten class. A little boy came up to me with a piece of paper that had his home address and number. He told me I should come over and babysit sometime. 

what a stud.♥