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Quotes by jhkdancer

you will always be one of my favorite memories.
I hate you so much
that I always end up loving you.
Friend: Move, you're blocking my view.
Me: Babygirl...I am the view.
Me: Well, I'm just saying.

if Victoria can keep a secret.
So can you.

when you see him and you werent planning on it...
and you start to freakout...
- shake
- breathe heavy
- run over to your best friend and say WHAT IS HE DOING HERE?!

lol...yeah good day.

Dear Parents,

I'm not always going to listen. So instead of telling me what to do (which is going to make me want to do it more), let me teach myself a lesson. Plus, I wants to hear you say I told you so.

No one likes a sore winner
Do what you want. If it's something you'll regret in the morning, sleep late.
Love is handing someone a gun and letting it point to your head, believing he won't pull the trigger.
- Spongebob Squarepants
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Yea I'm smiling :)
but you're not the reason anymore.