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jillianokelman69's Favorite Quotes

*out for dinner with my family*

my sister: huh, this table is wobbly

my dad: ....i can shake my booty

*dead silence in the restaurant*

me: oh my god oh my god

my mum: oh, i know you can, steven ;)


You may say im a {dreamer},

but im not the only one.

[I hope] one day you will join us,

and the world will be as ~one~.
"Oh, I know why he was late. Because he was busy being a ga.ylord!"
Oh, why were you late then? Did the family caravan break down? Did your mum get in the car and the wheels fall off? Did you get sent home from Jeremy Kyle for being too ugly?
One cut, Two cuts
Three cuts, Four;
Always deperate
For just one more.

Five pills, Six pills
Seven, Now eight;
Some meant for sleep,
Some to lose weight.

One eye closes
the other to follow,
Hoping this time it'll work,
as her breathing becomes hollow.

She drops to the floor,
as her hands uncurl.
Welcome to the life
of a Suicidal Girl.

"Why don't you ever start the conversation?"

Cause I don't want to have a conversation.

You've got scars on your wrists?
Don't worry, I won't judge you.

You've got burns on your thighs?
I won't judge you.

You have depression?
Still not judging.

Because no matter what you do,
I will always care and love you.

So I won't judge you because your past, present or future

That moment when..
You go from a great mood
to depressed as fūck.

There's that occasional night
where you just break down and cry
because you know that no matter what
things will never be the same again.

To all the people who think tonight's the night.
Who are thinking of picking up the blade again.
Who aren't eating. Who are bending over the toilet.
Please, please try to resist. I wish I could help you.
I wish I could hug you. But this is the best I can do from here,
So im trying to make this count. Let this post be your reason not to,
If only just for tonight. You're not worthless, fat or ugly.
You would be missed. You're incredible, no matter how terrible you think you are.
You don't deserve any of this torment. So I hope this helps a little.
I just wish I could save you all. Im not superman.. but i'd try to fly for you guys.