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Quotes by jimchrom

Eventually everyone leaves. So, enjoy your time with them today, because tomorrow your paths may part.
I thought I was over you... but this heartache caused by seeing you with someone new proves otherwise.
A tradgety of life is to focus on the bad while hoping for a better tomorrow only to miss all the good of today.
Dying for someone is far easier than living for them. You can only die once, but to live for someone you must die daily.

Everyone praises the light... until it reveals what the darkness hid about them.

What will you leave behind that someone else will want to carry on?
I would rather make a difference in someone's world than the world.
The darkness is coming what can I do?
I'm so very weak it's something I can't see through.
So many regrets so much pain from the past.
Friendships that were sweet but too good to last.
I'm lying here in the dark. My heart feels so cold.
I thought this feeling was only for the old.
My life is empty barren and just a shame.
I really tried but life is a vain game.
Everyone leaves forgets your name.
Heart feels hollow nothing is there.
loneliness is a harsh feeling to bare.
Pointless victories bitter defeats,
And anything you win death keeps.
the icy kiss, earth's cold embrace,
Then only darkness sees your face.
I was in a car accident once. I was cruising out everything was going well then... BAM!! I was blindsided, and the car was totaled. I never saw it coming. Another time I remember beginning to lose control the initial frantic attempt to keep the car on the road despite the ice. Time seemed to slow down as I watched the embankment coming ever closer. Powerless, I was completely powerless to stop it. Finally, I flew off the air went airborne for a few seconds before crashing down. That's just like relationships some end suddenly blindsiding you, and others you see the end coming but are powerless to stop it. I don't know which is worse...
Yes, you should live in the moment... but plan to live beyond that moment, because chances are you will.
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