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hi. I'm Vanna. I like giraffes. ^_^ I have acrophobia &OCD. &My favorite color is purple. I listen to a huge variety of music. I don't hate. I love Tumblrrr, Twitter, &of course, Witty! Uhm I'm random &awkward. Deal with it bro. I'm normally a nice person, so please don't be afraid to talk to me! :D

Fall Out Boy. The Outsiders. Mac Miller. One Direction.

Quotes by jjaim123


I get hated because I'm a Directioner.
I get hated because I'm not athletic.
I get hated because I'm smart.
I get hated because I'm sensitive.
I get hated because I'm honest.
I get hated because I'm awkward.
I get hated because I'm me.



||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| HE TALKED TO ME TODAY BRB DYING. »

~I like to go around&
ask people how their day's going, to show them someone cares.

I pushpeople away
because I've been hurt
too many times.


BravoSierra's format

I hope you know,
I went to bed crying last night.
because of you.

I don't mean anything to anyone.
I'm worthless.




        There's this girl that goes to my school,

& everyday I see her boyfriend waiting for her at the bottom of the staircase. He walks her to every class, knowing he'll be late to some of his own. They have little chats before she enters the classroom. Then he goes on to his next class. Today, I went up to them and told them they were they cutest couple I've ever seen. I told her that she was extremely lucky to have a boyfriend like that. She then hugged me and said that there's someone amazing waiting to meet me.

They give me hope.


so i kinda need someone
to talk to..