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 i live for sports...

<3 (: !
 + whenever you text me,
i immediately drop everything
just to answer it...<3

tell him i hate him 
tell him i don’t need him
tell him to have a great life 
without me
tell him he means nothing
to me 
just don’t tell him i said this 
with tears in my eyes


jlindy96's Favorite Quotes

i can really use a genie,
a dream or a wish
to go to a place much simpler
Someone, somewhere,
Commits suicide
every fourty seconds.
Stop the timer.

Click the heart ()
if you support
suicide awareness.
Say Goodbye..
to the water fights.<--------
Say Hello..
 -------->to the cat fights.
Say Goodbye..
to the beachy hair.<--------
Say Hello..
 -------->to feeling insecure comparing
your hair to other girls.
Say Goodbye..
to the sun tanned skin.<--------
Say Hello..
 -------->to the pale faces and pasty legs.
Say Goodbye..
to staying up til 1 everynight.<--------
Say Hello..
 -------->to homework.
Say Goodbye..
to the bikinis.<--------
Say Hello..
 -------->to the sweatshirts.
Say Goodbye..
to SUMMER.<--------
Say Hello..
 -------->to SCHOOL.

And, I say the words
Dude, Wicked, Legit, Sick, Bro, Sweet, and Beast
D a i l y ( :
Favorite if...
you would be lost 
in life if there was no

Spongebob .
every broken heart brings you one step closer to happily ever after

i wish that dreams could become reality cause then i would stop myself from ruining that one moment i messed up

dont jock, not kidding
 some say a dream is a wish your heart makes and nightmares is what your heart is hideing from you 

minee i sweearr if you jock i willl bee so upset !

favorite this if you can rap lil wayne's part in down like its your job

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