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hey witty(:
I'm jmstories.

I've always love writing for fun, but I have never done a full, good story. The story I am writing currently is untitled, so feel free to comment with title ideas and feedback! It may start off slow because I'm pretty busy with school and sports, but I'll try my best.
okay well please just check out my story and let me know what you think!



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hey guys,

sorry i haven't been writing..not that i even have readers yet because i just started haha. but anyways, i realized that i should probably have most of my story written before i post it on here, so i don't leave you hanging. so i'm gunna take some time and just write off the computer...and when i have enough i will start posting again. so just let me know if you want me to tell ya when i put some new stuff up, thanks a bunch!


chapter two.


     This may seem okay, like Oh yay! Mary's gotta crush!  But it's really not. I have had many crushes over the past few years, but only on boyfriend. Pathetic, right? And I'm not even sure if I can call him a boyfriend. We went out for like a week last year, in eighth grades. So it's not like we went anywhere. I guess it's good I haven't had any serious relationships yet, because my dad is so overprotective! He claims I shouldn't be bringing a boy home anytime soon. But a girl can dream right? Suddenly, I felt a hard jab to my back.
      "Ow!" I whisper-shouted at Dylan. He chuckled with satisfaction. I really hope he's laughing with me, not at me.
      "When does class end?" Typical Dylan, too lazy to look at the huge poster with all the  class times.
      "Uh, like, two minutes," I answered while try to cram pounds of school books into my ratty old backpack. Dylan slouched in his so his legs were ramming into my back.
      "Get your knees out of my butt," I scoffed, holding back my smile.
      "Get your butt off my knees," he yelled right back, not bothering to hide his grin. I sighed, frustrated and when to pick my bag up off the floor. Dylan stood up quickly and stuck his foot into the strap. "Oh no! My foot is stuck in your bag! What the heck? Get it off!" he yelled, obviously acting. I began cracking up, figuring he would give it back when the bell rang. Wrong.
      "Hey Dylan! Wait," I screamed after him as he dragged my bag towards the door.
      "Ah, get it off, get it off," he repeated with every step. When he was one pace from the door, he stepped out of my bag easily and continued on without even saying goodbye.

sorry, short. feedback?


chapter one.


      "Hi Mary," Dylan said in a way that made him sound stupid, but for some reason it made my heart pound.
      "Hey Dyl," I smiled back. I went to take my place in the seat in front of him, but he quickly propped his feet up on it.
      "Haha," he smirked.
      "Ugh, c'mon!" I whined. I stared at his feet, knowing I would blush hard the minuted I looked into his glass green eyes.
      "Maaaa-ry!" he taunted; for some reason we was entertained by my name, I liked that thought. I took a peed and saw his hugely awkward dimples take over his face. NO NO NO NO! I am not falling for him! Dylan is one of those kids. Yanno, he's not super popular, but he is friends with all the right people. And I'm just me. With hazel eyes and auburn hair, all I do is Blend in. "Hello...?" he said, pulling me out of my daydream. Oh my, I was zoned out in his face for about five minutes. Can you say embarrassing?
      "Hi," really Mary? That's all you can come up with? So original.
      "Um, are you okay?" he was probably referring to my blank stare into his irresistible face.
      "Huh? Oh, yeah yeah, I'm fine," I replied stupidly. I sighed. Even though we acted like best friends, he doesn't even look at me outside this door, let alone talk to me. How are we supposed to have a relationship like that? Whoa, Mary. What the hell? Why are you thinking about a relationship with him? He doesn't even like you!
      "Mary!" Dylan whispered forcefully.
      "What?" I scoffed. Of course it was then I looked up. Turns out the entire time I was fighting with myself, everyone else had taken their seats and were currently staring at me.
      "OH! Whoops..." I let out a laugh, realizing I was still standing with my backpack on. This is really one of the only things I like about myself, I don't really care what others think. I sat and the teacher began the health lesson. The whole class Dylan constantly kicked my chair and whispered random comments to my back. I ignored the comments, laughing and smiling flirtatiously at points. I tried my best pretending to be mad about him shaking my chair uncontrollably, but i secretly love the attention.
Sht, I think I like him.