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well, i am a jocker of course.
i jock everything i want to,
don't think you're safe.
i could jock your quotes at any time,
so be careful!
have a great day :D

Quotes by jocking_is_fun

 - - - - - - - - - - - >I think it's broken.
No, not my heart silly. I stubbed my toe.
So I Was Thinking Of A Way To Tell You
how i think your laugh is cute.
and how your voice makes me smile.
how i love the (
r   f   r   s), and
how the way the corners of your eyes -->crinkle
when you    :)smile(:   How you never fail to make me
laugh, and how i 
absolutellove your
taste in music. I didn't know how to say it. 

x.x         I    x.x    Love    x.x    You    x.x

or do i..mwahaha!

I bite my nails when i'm nervous
and look at my feet when i walk.
i make mistakes, and usaually dont learn from them.
i say stupid things without thinking,
and regret them the minute i say them.
i fall in love way too easily,
and was taught to believe people
when they say they love me.
i guess you could call me,
a silly girl with a dream,
fighting for a place this world.

find it pathetic

that -x- i -x- keep -x- chasing
:|: s o m e t h i n g t h a t w i l l
never be mine again

all mine >;D