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Hi, my name is Jodie and I am from Scotland! Books and music is mostly what my life consists of. I love food and snow and Witty. I spend far too much time crying over fictonal characters and famous people.

Quotes by jodiec423

my english teacher: your essay isn't very well put together.

me: my thoughts are stars that i cannot fathom into constellations.



I feel like an accident sometimes.
E S P E I C A L LY  W H E N  I'M  A R O U N D  P E O P L E  W H O  O B V I O U S L Y  D O N T  C A R E.
If you
l o v e d 
why did you 
l e a v e


Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, but common sense is knowing not to put it into a fruit

Do not pity the
D e a d
Pity the
 l i v i n g 
And above all,
Pity those who live without
l o v e

She was like the moon,

always changing but at

the end of it all, she

would end up right

where she was at the


Darling, why did you leave me like this?
I still don’t know
Where you are
If you are happy
Or sad
Or maybe inbetween.
If you have found someone
Or not
Or maybe you think you have.
If you are alive
Or dead
Or maybe both.
I know I certainly am.