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Hii I'm Jojo(: and uh....meh

Quotes by joeykangaroo

One of my friends and another one of my guy friends are going out, kinda. (they just like each other, i mean, we're only in grade 6)
We graduate from primary school this yeah so today I asked the guy 'Will you still be together next year?' and he answered
'I hope so'
So cute <3
If Taylor Swift is going out with Harry Styles that means that in the near future there will hopefully be a song about him
Are any of you 9gaggers?

Because I see you stealing quotes from there sometimes

Hearing your favourite song 
on the radio is always more exciting than hearing it on a disc or iPod

Just me?

I'm making a birthday card for a friend today and I'm thinking of putting on a funny quote. So far I've got 'Studies show that birthdays are good for you, the more you have the older you will live'. Any other suggestions? Thanks xx

Tomorrow my friend is having her 12th birthday at a place called Kids Space, a giant playgroud. We're all looking forward to the giant slides xD
Childhood lost? I don't think so.


My Witty Sisters,
Last night I got my first period. Um I was wondering if you could drop a few tips? Thanks xx
Which other Wittians like me
are going into Spring/Summer? ♥

Why does everyone

think that Australians talk in that G'day Mate accent?





Conversation between me and friend

*Singing 'Just the Way you are' bu Bruno Mars
Me: So are you trying to tell me you're gay?
Friend: *Singing* Yeah
Me: *Bursts out laughing*