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Quotes by johnathinsbabygirl91316

i'm honestly about to just destroy your clothes. 
what you did to me wasn't something i deserved. but okay. karma will be what you deserve. 
You had it all the day you told me (told me) you want me
I had it all but let you fool me (fool me) completely
Yeah I was so stupid to give you all my attention
'Cause the way you played me exposed your true intentions
And one day I'll have you beggin' on your knees for me
Yeah one day I'll have you crawlin' like a centipede
You mess with me and mess with her
So I'll make sure you get what you deserve
Yeah one day you'll be beggin' on your knees for me
listen to your heart
when he's calling for you. 
listen to your heart 
there's nothing else you can do
i don't know where your goin
and i don't know why
but listen to your heart
you tell him goodbye