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Quotes by jojoamber

You know all the thunderstorms we had......i remembered when my dad used to tell me think happy thought. think about puppies, and rainbow, and unicorns. I LOVE my dad and widh i could see him!
So i have friend right....A boy likes her kinda but he likes someone else.......he tells this girl he loves her but, he secretly hangs out with someone behind her back and kisses her.......
What should she do?
Where were u when i needed u most? i loved you with all my heart! You had to leave and now i WISH u were HERE!!!!!! Mommy u had to commit SUICIDE! What did i do or did i not do anything? I was only six and now it's mothers day and i have no mom!
i LOVE you mommy i hope ur life is good now

Trying Hard to fight these tears I'm CRAZY worried
                  i hate when guys break peoples hearts
Hey School is ANNOYING!

Ok thank you to everyone on witty and making me feel loved...........ok um everyone on here dont let guys ruin you and make you feel bad
it goes one by one even two by two
everybody on the floor let me show how we do
let's go dip it low then you bring it up slow wind it up one time then up one more time

everybody run one
let me see you move
and rock it till the groves done

shake till the moon becomes a sun(sun)
everybody in the club give me a run(run)
if you ready to move say(yeah,yeah)
one time for ya mind say it(yeah,yeah)

ok well i never thought i would fall so hard for you, But i guess it was the biggest mistake i ever made. You say well be together forever but in my book i know you don't mean it then the next day you break my heart <3
Please remember RANDY!!!!! He took his own life all because his girlfriend broke up with him. I really miss him and i wished he didnt do that.

R.I.P i miss you and will always remember you