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       Hey :) ! I Love Witty, Im  13. And Im Suposed To Be Doing My Homework Right Now. Lmao

Quotes by jojoluv

 There is a girl in my school who cuts herself.
       I could see last year that she had some problems. I tried to talk to her.
  She was really shy, she has no friends, at all, she has very bad acne and eczema , and she recently has been going to the counselor everyday at lunch. As I said I tried to talk to her, I tried to make her some friends, and I did my very best to make her a little less shy.
The boy she loves doesn't love her back.
She's loved him her whole life, she told me.
He has gone out of his way to find other girls to date, and avoids her.
Through talking to her, I've learned about her.
She lives near school.
She comes from a good family, Mom, dad, sister.
They don't have much money.
She said she has always been an outcast.
I had never realized that she cut herself. I never thought she would.
Although I knew she was depressed. 
One day in English, she was covering up her arm, I realized that she was bleeding, so I offered to take her to the nurses office, which I did.
When we got there, I realized, she had at least 10 slices down her arm that wrote
She loves Zach. But Zach despises every moment with her.
I felt so terrible, I just sat with her and cried.
I began to imagine her pain, and remembered
I used to be in her position.
In elementary school the boy I loved didn't love me back.
I had no friends.
I did have a good family.
I could only say that I understand her pain. Yesterday I spoke with her
she told me that she felt neglected by her family.
She feels that no one loves her.
Please if you love her.
If you care about her.
Favorite this and show her your love.
I want her to know that so many people care for her. 
I love you Daniella.  


Your Perfect For Me.
I'm Perfect For You.
We Fell In Love.
I Became Your "Boo."
It Had Been A Year
And Our Love Had Grew
We Exchanged Our Secrets.
Along With Our Thoughts.
Everything Was Perfect.

Except, Your 
Didn't Know.

                                                                                         True Story.  All Credit To Me.

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You L-O-V-E Jaden Smith

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+& Who Else Remembers

      The Disney Channel Games??
I know I do. :)

 So I've made up my mind... today i am telling my crush how i feel about him. when the new year comes, i'll say "HEY ! that was last year."

Sitting at the office, working hard everyday.
Trying to make a living for her family.
Talking to her daughter in a raised voice.
To help her, guide her, and teach her.
Making herself mentally, and physically ill.
Doing everything she can to keep herself
together. Doing everything in her power to
make your live PERFECT.
Encouraging you to do things that your heart
is set on, even when she finds them completely
STUPID. Doing her best to keep everything...

          Goes to school everyday.
 Does things she knows that she shouldn't do.
Ignores her mother when,
shes trying to help her out.
disrespects her mother,
not knowing the sadness that brings.
knowing that she is making her mother angry.
Not caring about anyone but herself.
only thinking about her own selfish needs.