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hi, i'm ali.
i'm a senior at south. i'm 18.
i'm kind of a non-smart band geek.
i love my friends, music and hugs!
i think we should give peace a chance<3

Quotes by jonasxx3

"if grown men could hug like teenage girls,
there would be no more wars"

:... i'm afraid you're going to compare me to her ...:
 [ and then realize that she is more better than i am ]

a n d  l e a v  m  f o  h e r . . .

:. AGAIN. .:

  { No mountains too high, and no oceans too wide }
cause together or not, our dance wont stop
     Ain’t about how fast I get there )
.Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side.

---All this time how could you not know that---
(you belong with me)

What we have is worth fighting for, 
You know I believe that we were meant to be. 

Its the climb

why do you, spaces, want to ruin my quote?

|push play

why can't you be mine,
:...without no one getting hurt...:
you make my life shine

and you don't even know it.
there's three words i wish to say to you
but if i do, i'm afraid we'll split

i love you.

the two of us tonight,
<---we can make it last forever --->
We'll need to realize, it's just you and me together
why not,
take a crazy chance?
why not,
do a crazy dance?
 { if you lose a moment }
:.. you might lose a lot ..:
so, why not, why not.
baby you're all that I want
<--- w h e n  y o u ' r e  l y i n g  h e r e  i n  m y  a r m s --->
i'm finding it hard to believe
we're in heaven
:.. and love is all that i need ..:
{ a n d  i  f o u n d  i t  t h e r e  i n  y o u r  h e a r t } 
it isn't too hard to see
we're in heaven
nick: "JOE!"
joe: "sorry, nick, but there's just not enough time."
kevin: "there, problem solved"
nick: "you pressed pause"
kevin: "and see the planes not moving anymore. i think i bought us some valuable time"
nick: "LET ME EXPLAIN SOMETHING TO YOU, the plane still moves in the air even if it doesn't move on the screen, you dingdong!"
kevin: "dingdong?! ha well you're a knucklehead"
nick: "knucklehead. really kevin! knucklehead!"
joe: "guys stop before somebody else calls somebody a goofball and we all regreat it.

oh, i love nick, kevin and joe so much<3