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Hi, my name is Jordan but you can call me tonight. (; I've been alive for 15 years, & I escaped from my mother’s womb on December 28. I’m not single, I’m plural. But still not in a relationship. *sigh* I’m incredibly lonely. If i asked you to follow me, would the answer to that question be the same as the answer to this question? c: anyway, if you need to talk, I’m a pretty good listener. (: I live in San Diego, California. Nonexistent winters and permanent tans. d: But yeah, I like to make new friends so talk to me maybe? (:

me = running + exercise + food + bubble wrap

Maroon5 | angry birds | the sound of laughter | music | singing | swimming | rainy days | hugs so tight you can barely breathe | friends that are kept forever | missing someone so much your heart aches | nail polish | laying in a field of grass | the beach | san diego, cali | writing | HARRY POTTER | sixbillionsecrets | be my friend? | a dream is a wish your heart makes | smiles | 11:11 | loving someone so much you can’t bear to see them hurt | i miss you | incubus | red hot chili peppers | matchbox 20 | sara barielles | thomas fiss | hmu, yeah?

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i want to die. but you can't
see this because it is invisible. like me.

Quotes by jordankimberly21

77% of people
don't know the opposite of these words;

1. Always
2. Coming
3. From
4. Take
5. Me
6. Down

never going to give you up

romeo: hey i just met you.
romeo: and this is crazy.
romeo: but i saw you at your dad's party that i wasn't supposed to attend and i thought you were pretty cute so i followed you and we kissed but then your nanny called you away and i found out you were a capulet and got bummed so i sneaked into your back yard in the middle of the night and climbed your balcony uninvited to profess my undying love after an hour even though i wanted to bone rosaline like two scenes ago.
romeo: so marry me maybe.

Toaster: I want you inside of me.
Bread: That's hot.

If you were a season, you would be summer.  No class.

I want to buy a Volkswagon Bug. Not because I actually want one, but because I will be able to drive around all day with the satisfaction of knowing that I am the reason some poor shmoe is getting punched.


'do a barrel roll'
and then come back
and tell me how
awesome it was.


I'm not saying
that you're ugly. It's just
that Notre Dame needs
their hunchback
to come home.

be the sort of person that when people see you wearing army pants and flip flops, they go buy army pants and flip flops.



[ a thousand words ]
>>wouldn't bring you back<<
--------> I know because I've tried.    
                   Neither would<-------
a thousand tears,
I know because I've cried.




me at school: how do I hold a pencil
me at school: when can I eat

me at schooldafuq is this
me at school: dafuq is that
me at school: don't look at me peasants
me at school: when am I ever going to need this
me at school: are there any hot, new, single guys with low standards?
me at school: I'd rather be on witty.