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Hi, my name is Jordan but you can call me tonight. (; I've been alive for 15 years, & I escaped from my mother’s womb on December 28. I’m not single, I’m plural. But still not in a relationship. *sigh* I’m incredibly lonely. If i asked you to follow me, would the answer to that question be the same as the answer to this question? c: anyway, if you need to talk, I’m a pretty good listener. (: I live in San Diego, California. Nonexistent winters and permanent tans. d: But yeah, I like to make new friends so talk to me maybe? (:

me = running + exercise + food + bubble wrap

Maroon5 | angry birds | the sound of laughter | music | singing | swimming | rainy days | hugs so tight you can barely breathe | friends that are kept forever | missing someone so much your heart aches | nail polish | laying in a field of grass | the beach | san diego, cali | writing | HARRY POTTER | sixbillionsecrets | be my friend? | a dream is a wish your heart makes | smiles | 11:11 | loving someone so much you can’t bear to see them hurt | i miss you | incubus | red hot chili peppers | matchbox 20 | sara barielles | thomas fiss | hmu, yeah?

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i want to die. but you can't
see this because it is invisible. like me.

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