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hi, i'm jordan
I hope you always find a reason to smile


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can   we   just   fast   forward   to   the   part   where
i'm not awkward and can have a conversation with the
male   race   without   having   a   seizure   ok   thanks


i  wish i  was a  bear  because  bears don't  have to deal  with  boy  problems
or cold weather  or school they just eat a lot and then sleep for like monthes 


  i've got 99 problems and like 86 of them are 
  random  scenerios  i  made  up  in  my   head

A Way Out
Chapter One

"You know I've always really liked you, Elody." he said.
"You're beautiful and smart... you're different from all the other girls..." he added.
Then we sat there, looking up at the stars, holding eachother.
Out of no where, he grabbed my face and smiled, pulled me in and--

It was 6:30 in the morning, a rude awakening.
There are few problems with the dream I just had. The first is that no boy
and I mean LITERALLY no boy I know has the maturity to talk that way.
The second is that I am in no way shape or form "beautiful" or whatever.
The third is that I live in Manhattan, you can't see the stars with all the city lights.
Usually I would kick myself for this irrational and ridiculous dream, but not today.
Today was the day I was going to embark on a dreamy and captivating journey to Venice, Italy.
I'm staying there all summer where I'll study Shakespeare, get tan, and eat and drink all the amazing foods and wines.
But mostly study Shakespeare.
I kissed my parents goodbye and gaves hugs and whatever.
My dad's driver drove me to the airport. My parents were to busy... typical.
Exhausted and out of it I checked my luggage, went through security, and borded the plane.
I took my seat and put my headphones on.
I fell asleep hoping to sleep the whole plane ride.
Part of me also hoped my dream would continue.

A Way Out

I'd like to believe that there is a heaven.
I'd also like to believe that there is a God somewhere up there.
A God that maybe could one day give me some answers to why my life seems to be empty.
A God that maybe could visit me and look into my eyes and say "I understand you.".
A God that could answer all the questions in my head and calm the wavering thoughts in my brain.
I'd really like to believe that. I'd like to believe that there is someone for everyone and that
everyone will one day be reunited with ones they have loved and lost.
I'd like to believe in destiny. I'm indecisive.
My brain is constantly having a tennis match with itself over everything that pops into my mind.
My name is Elody Hannon, I'm sixteen years old.
I live in a world where botox is considered a hobby and money defines your self worth.
I'd like to believe that I won't be damned into this society.
But I'd like to believe a lot of things that probably aren't true.

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it looks good on you.


hey you.

yes, you. stop being unhappy with yourself. you are perfect.
stop wishing you looked like someone else or wishing people
liked you as much as they like someone else. stop trying to get
attention from those who hurt you. stop hating your body, your
face, your personality, your quirks, love them. without those
things you wouldn't be you. and why would you want to be 
anyone else? be confident with who you are. smile. it'll draw
people in. if anyone hates you because you are happy with 
yourself then stick your middle finger in the air and say
screw it. my happiness will not depend on other anymore.
i'm happy because i love who i am. i love my flaws. i love my
imperfections. they make me me. and 'me' is pretty amazing

-Tumblr, Thought y'all would like it :)








Him. You guys randomly start talking one day. He compliments you and tells you you're pretty and cute. He asks you about your past relationships and you as him about his. When you tell him you've been hurt multiple times, he tells you that all those guys are all jerks and stupid for letting a girl like you go. You then start to tell him some more stories about your past and he tells you his. You start flirting and so does he. You text everyday. You have deep, late night conversations. He always has something to say and he stays up late just to talk to you. Whenever you get a message from him, you cannot stop smiling. You are convinced he is the closest thing to perfection. When you hang out with him, you feel magnetic to him. Like something is pulling you towards him. He soon knows your deepest darkest secrets, and you know his. You tell your friends what an incredible and amazing guy he is. Soon he confesses his interest in you, you tell him the feeling is mutual. You hang out more and more. You talk more and more. You are so happy. Things are perfect. But one day, he stops texting you first. When you talk, you start the conversations. Things changed and you don't understand what happened. He stops putting effort into talking to you and doesn't talk to you like he used to. You become protective and clingy and you don't want any other girl in the picture. You ask him is everything is okay and he tells you everything is fine. You start to think maybe he's mad at you for something you did but he assures you that everything's alright and you need to relax. He tells you he has just been busy. He's still "busy" all the time and he doesn't even try to talk to you. Now every time you talk to him it becomes an arguement. You get scared that you are being annoying so you don't text him first anymore. Months pass, and you don't talk at all. You never know what happened from his point of view. Because of him, every day and night you're hurt and upset. You don't know what went wrong. Your friends tell you he's a jerk and to forget him because he doesn't deserve you. But you can't listen to them, you're already attatched to him. You miss the old person he used to be and don't even know who he has changed into. Now he has a new girl in his life. He's calling her cute names and telling her she's beautiful. Telling her everything he told you. He tells her everything you've heard before. He seems completely fine without you. He has someone else to talk to every day and night. You refuse to believed he played you, but it's true. You're still hurt and he has already moved on. You're still sad and cry everynight thinking about him. Everything reminds you of him.  You can't go a day without thinking about him. You can't forget about him. You secretly hope that one day he will start talking to you again and you guys will pick up where you left off but you also know that will never happen. You compare every guy you now meet with him. He's already forgotten about you but you're still in love. Sound familiar?



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