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Hey there(; 
I'm jaley. Whats your name?(:
Stuff about me:
Im freaking 14.
Freaking freshman.
Freaking July 2.
I love (almost) everybody.
You can talk to me about anything and trust me not too tell anyone.

And i wanna make a quote so I'm done with this.
Hit me up(:


Quotes by jsb702

 What if sleep really isn't sleep?
What if itswhen an angel pulls you out of your  body and throws you into the heavens, into a world of magic and wonder?
And  the angel breathes for you as you visit their dimension?
And dreams were really just  the memories you had of these places?



I'll dissolve when the rain pours in,
when the nightmares take me.
I will scream with the howling wind,
'cause its a bitter world, and I'd rather dream.


Haters gonna hate.
Potatoes gonna potate.
Procrastinators gonna procrastin
Why have a social life when you can have witty?

The silence isn't so bad,
'til i look at my hands and feel sad, 
'cause the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly. <3


Sometimes when I think
abouthings I would never want people to know about,
I get paranoid that everyone in the world can read minds, except for me.


Diyou know..?

kissing helps prevent tooth decay.
looks like I'll be needing dentures someday.


the only way
i would ever get in your pants is if you put a picture of me
in your pocket.


takmy hand, and we'll walk away. 
away from society, away from the world.
away from everything that everyone said we were.